• Body Check Up / Skype Consultation

    You have the chance to detect even a hidden cause of a problem.

Body Check up maintains bioenergy stabilizing the energy flows in the body.

Body Check Up for sport injuries, hormonal imbalances, emotional shock and trauma dissipation, digestive enzyme stimulation, relaxation stimulation, memory stimulation, hormone balancing,  immune system stimulation, chronic fatigue therapy,  zapping of viruses, parasites, worms, bacteria & fungi and many more.

A few minute scan measures the evoked potential response when the body is tested with approximately 16000 stimulus. The therapist’s own energy cannot affect this test. The results of the test are displayed via a computer program and where there appears to be imbalance further more specific testing is carried out to detect the root cause of dysfunction and toxicity.

Protocol can be built up via the biofeedback principle to help balance the body.

Please Note

Our bioresonance machine is registered with the FDA and certified by TUVRheinland®.

Our tool utilizes transcutaneous voltammetric biofeedback technology.
It is an automatic, computer-operated non-invasive active therapeutic device that combines bioresonance and biofeedback fields for body analysis and energy balancing.

A print out of results is not provided from the device for clients.

What happens during our

Body Check Up and Skype Consultation

approximately 2 hours
First phase
approximately 15 minutes
  • Taking your case history, considering lifestyle, family medical history, sleeping patterns, emotional state and diet
  • Examination, involving having your blood pressure taken or having your tongue or pulse examined
Second phase
approximately 30 minutes
  • Full body check up by the SCIO bioresonce machine and discussion of the results
Third phase
approximately 60 minutes
  • Building up a protocol according to the results
  • Bioresonance process in relaxing and silent mode
Final phase
approximately 15 minutes
  • Consultation and summary


  • Body Check Up:

    Consultation + supplements/herbal medicine
    (all inclusive)

  • Only Skype consultation is available.
  • £
  • Body Check Up and Therapy / Body Check Up and Sleep Therapeutics:

    Consultation + protocol + supplements/herbal medicine
    (all inclusive)

  • Only Skype consultation is available.
  • £
  • Skype Consultation:

    Taking case history considering lifestyle, family (medical) history, diet, sleeping habits and emotional state.
    Consultation and summary.
    Prescription if required.

  • 1 hour
  • £30
  • Herbal medicine:

    Generally £8.00 per week (100ml tincture), however, this will vary according to your individual prescription, as teas, syrups, oils, creams or capsules may be prescribed.

  • Only Skype consultation is available.
  • £
  • Herbal medicine by postal order:

    100ml per week.
    All inclusive, no extra fee.

  • Only Skype consultation is available.
  • £