My name is Amanda and I am a naturopath, medical herbalist and SCIO bioresonance practitioner. Welcome to Body Check Up. If you have found your way here because you are worried about your health; because of your ailments – pain, malaise, discomfort and anxiety – and are searching for relief, or you are looking for a solution for a specific illness, I hope you will find some information and reassurance within these pages.

Even as a child, anything I learned about the human body, I found fascinating. When I decided to pursue a career in natural medicine, I knew that I wanted to become THE one and not just one. If you have already read my story, you’ll know that I have selective IgA, or immune cell, deficiency.
It was my low immunity that spurred me to begin my biomedicine and pathology education.

Throughout my first year as a practitioner-in-training, my awareness of the possibilities in natural medicine and SCIO bioresonance only grew. The extensive spectrum of my specialities now includes: the digestive tract, thyroid, pancreas, kidneys, hormonal system, skin, lymphatic system and the nervous system. I do not focus on only one disease, when the person as a whole needs help. The practitioner is not only a gastroenterologist or naturopath, just like the patient is not only their colorectal cancer or Hashimoto disease. Health-research cannot progress without placing the disease or symptoms in a wider context.

During my clinical journey, I have learned that medical science sliced man up into faculties and diseases. The presentation of modern diseases is based on knowledge of modern scientific medicine. But sometimes, the resolution to these modern diseases slightly swerves away from traditional clinical methods, as the success of healing will never be independent from the healer.

My slightly unusual outlook on diseases is based on my experience, consultation with my orthodox medical friends (surgeons, endocrinologist, internists, immunologist, radio graphologist) and my continuously growing knowledge. I take responsibility for my individual interpretations.

Body Check Up has been built up around these thoughts, aiming to help patients who want to educate themselves and take control of their health, and this blog serves as documentation of my constant research.